Mouzouna Crossbody Clutch

A combination of genuine Moroccan leather and handwoven fabric, the Mouzouna features a dash of mouzouna sequins - so called for their resemblance to the ancient Islamic coin - that give this crossbody clutch a fresh and fun look perfect for a casual evening with friends or a night on the town.

Available in Crimson Mouzouna, Linen Mouzouna or Pewter Mouzouna. 

    • Height: 7.5" (19 cm); length: 11"(28 cm)

    • Leather color: Noir
      Fabric color: Crimson mouzouna, linen mouzouna or pewter mouzouna
    • Leather: Genuine Moroccan leather 
      Fabric: Combination 100% wool and 100% cotton
      The Mouzouna also includes an inside zipper, a long detachable leather shoulder strap (47") and a detachable leather hand strap.


    Collections: CLUTCHES, HANDBAGS, The Kilim Collection

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