Designer: Dr. Lin Hightower

Dr. Lin Hightower is an international designer, professor at Kennesaw University, and three-time Fulbright Award Winner. In her visits to Morocco, Lin has assisted women in better understanding hand-woven textiles, sourcing materials, and the latest color trends. 

"The Kilim Collection, named so for the traditional tapestry-woven carpet, brings the Berber art of hanbal, or weaving, to a modern context with these effortlessly stunning handbags. A defining trait of the kilim is its many motifs, each expressing the hopes and desires of its weaver. Everything from safety and good fortune, to affluence and happiness, are wished into the carpets’ designs. Every pattern is unique, a fingerprint of dreams that speak volumes without a single word.

These bags were created in the same vein, each hand-stitched with the ambitions of their female creators. Rich patterns and quality fabric make each product stunning in its own right but it is the bags’ tacit nature -- the goals of their artisans and the motivations behind such -- that make this collection truly extraordinary."