Why we do what we do

Knowledge is Power

Teaching more than just handicraft

Assiya's Ambition

A Woman's Work is Never Done

Challenging the girls of today to become the women of tomorrow

Atika's Ambition

Better by Design

Developing her brand and her community

Doha's Ambition

Going for Gold

The best is yet to come

Fouzia's Ambition

The Rest is History

Rewriting the future by embracing the past

Hafida's Ambition

Married to the Cause

Fighting predetermined marriage by preserving craft

Naima's Ambition

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

Reinvesting in the world of female pottery

Rashida's Ambition

A Natural Born Leader

Pursuing a certification in design and leatherwork

Rquia's Ambition

Teach a Woman to Fish

Lifting women and girls out of poverty

Saida's Ambition