Designer: Assiya Gourra

Assiya has always loved to learn; after being forced to quit school, she felt lost and so began to teach herself bracelet weaving to fill the void left by her lack of education. The challenge of the craft allowed Assiya to find herself again and design collections like these. Check out the rest of her story on our #MeetHer page above!

The Sabra Collection brings together an assortment of delicately vibrant, handmade jewelry that will take your breath away. Gently created with sabra, a silk made from the Saharan Aloe Vera Cactus, each piece in the Sabra Collection features a natural, metallic sheen reminiscent of the plant from which it came. Sought after for its quality, strength, and beauty, sabra is at the heart of these pieces; the various twists, loops, and knots that comprise this collection are all crafted with wire support, allowing them to be fitted for any occasion, and bring with them the luxury of the Moroccan desert.